Home Theater Systems

Enjoy the best quality in-home theater systems. Today’s home audio and video equipment can rival the sound and clarity of professional home theater systems without having to break the bank. With flat, wireless, and digital technology, the average homeowner can enjoy movie theater greatness without having to pay a week’s salary to enjoy an evening out with the family. Let our technicians at A Plus Security Systems in Lafayette, LA, install professional-grade receivers in your homes and commercial establishments today. Get in touch with us for complete information about the various devices included in the state-of-the-art home theater systems that we install.

Exceptional Sound Reproduction

With all of the technological advances that have taken place in the field of home theater systems, it has become much easier for home and business owners to get access to the industry’s best sound systems. You can have home theaters systems installed quickly and begin to enjoy crystal clear sound on the most modest of budgets.

Top Quality Home Theater Systems

The home theater systems we install feature industry-leading receivers that efficiently distribute sound via your speakers. A Plus Security Systems install audio rigs that include professional-grade audio speakers, which come with a 10-year warranty, and audio distribution networks. In addition, we can also install dual zone systems. All of these can be controlled using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™ enabled mobile devices. You can also use Apple Airplay™, stream Pandora™ and use many other music apps through your professionally installed audio system.

Technical Support

At A Plus Security Systems, we install home theater systems and provide you with ongoing technical support as dictated by your needs. Feel free to contact us for complete information about the various devices included with the home security, security cameras, and home theater systems that we install.