Imagine having the ability to monitor your property and personal possessions while you’re not at home. A Plus Security Systems in Lafayette, LA, has security cameras that allow live viewing and playback ability whether you are at your house or on the road. Remote monitoring is just one of the many benefits of industry-leading security cameras professionally installed by A Plus Security Systems.

Time is Always of the Essence

Burglary, theft, illegal intrusion, and a host of other invasive threats to your property can be prevented or completely deterred by a commitment to security. With security cameras professionally installed by A Plus Security Systems, you’ll be able to monitor areas of your home or business with smartphones, tablets, and computers. The video data gets relayed in real time so you can quickly report potential criminal activities to the proper authorities. You can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can monitor your personal possessions, even when you aren’t home.

Security Cameras and Setup

The security cameras we use are full definition 1080p and offer viewing and video capture resolutions of 3 to 4 megapixels and higher. We offer digital camera systems that range from 4 to 32 camera solutions. Not only does A Plus Security Systems service residential customers, but we offer a wide range of options for our commercial clients that fit a variety of budgets. And as always, we offer free estimates for projects of any size.

Benefits of Professionally Installed Security Cameras

Security Cameras have often been credited as a crime deterrent. Many criminals know to survey their surroundings before committing a crime. Once the camera system is detected, the potential for any wrong doings will be greatly reduced. Cameras can also help to create a safer work environment. Many incidents recorded by monitoring employees have resulted in training videos that help create safer working conditions. Fraudulent insurance claims can also be avoided with the assistance of properly positioned security cameras. Perhaps the most compelling reason for having a quality camera system is knowing that your loved ones, employees, property, or inventory are being safeguarded.